EUBIROD Network Secretariat

Massimo Massi Benedetti, Coordinator
Fabrizio Carinci, Technical Coordinator
Concetta Tania Di Iorio, Legal Advisor

The not for profit nongovernmental organization “Hub for international Health ReSearch HIRS” based in Perugia (Italy) agrees to maintain the coordination and the secretariat of the EUBIROD Network as a primary role of its activity according to the rules mutually agreed, being its general scope “to promote and sustain the study, research and education in all areas of health, with a particular focus on non communicable chronic diseases (NCDs)”.
Consistently with its name and in line with the goals of the EUBIROD Network, the HIRS acts as a catalyst for people and organizations who can pursue public health improvement through coordination of international initiatives.

According to mutually agreed rules, HIRS has the following duties and responsibilities:

  • to ensure the fair dissemination of any relevant information among all partners of the Network, as well as the proper maintenance and respect of the rules included in the Statute
  • to act as a coordinator, secretariat and principle contact point in any granted international project, being responsible for the efficient management of the implementation plan and a driver of successful achievement of common goals
  • to manage all operational aspects of the Network, including e.g: the organization of meetings, the agenda, timing, venues/teleconferences, minutes, and the collection of any relevant background material e.g. room documents, references, internal drafts/newsletters etc
  • to entertain public relations on behalf of the EUBIROD Network and pursue any potential funding opportunity that would secure a continued level of support for its activities
  • to officially represent the EUBIROD Network at all international events, whenever considered appropriate
  • to manage the budget of any funding secured on behalf of the Network, in accordance with the objectives and work program agreed in the specific case
  • to manage and safeguard the image, copyright, licensing scheme, maintenance, use and regular update of products managed by the EUBIROD Network, including: the EUBIROD website (, the BIRO project website (, the BIRO System, the Meta-Registry of Diabetes Sources, the BIRO Data Standards, the BIRO Academy and the EUBIROD e-learning platform
  • to coordinate the editorial activity, ensuring the respect of all rules and guidelines set by the editorial board, supervising all phases in the preparation and dissemination of reports, newsletters etc
  • to monitor the application of the present statute and duly inform the Steering Committee of any deviation or violations by any member of the EUBIROD Network
The Coordinator, who chairs both the General Assembly and the Steering Committee, is in charge of the coordination and secretariat of the EUBIROD Network and fulfils the following general functions:
  1. administration, preparation of minutes and provision of the meetings of the General Assembly and of the Steering Committee, and follow-up of its decisions;
  2. transmission of any document and information connected with the Network between the Parties concerned; and
  3. administration of funds relative to the operational capacity and maintenance of the Network.
    Except for the capacity as representative of the Parties agreed between the partners, the Coordinator is not entitled to act or to make legally binding declarations on behalf of any Member of the network.

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