HIRS Secretariat

Massimo Massi Benedetti
Massimo Massi Benedetti,President, Hub for International Health Research. Specialist in Endocrinology and Internal Medicine. Senior Programmes Advisor, IDF, Brussels, Belgium. Formerly A/Prof Endocrinology, University of Perugia; President of the Schools of Podology and Nursing; Chair of the Co-ordination Office of the Umbria Reference Centre for Diabetes; Co-director of the WHO Collaborating Centre for Diabetes Care; Member of the National Committee of the Italian Ministry of Health for the National Plan on Diabetes; Scientific Director of the KFAS Dasman Centre for Treatment and Research in Diabetes, Kuwait; President of the IDF European Region and Vice-President Global; Chair Science Task Force IDF. He is author of about 350 publications and Member of scientific committees, Chairman, and Speaker in over 300 national/international meetings; Coordinator of EU-funded projects BIRO and EUBIROD; Associated partner of EURODIABETA; DIABCARD 1-4; DIABCARE 1-3; MFIT; DIABSTYLE 1-2; ADICOL; IMMIDIAB.

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