Promoting the global coordination and use of health research

The “HUB Internazionale per la Ricerca Sanitaria/HUB for International health ReSearch” (HIRS) is a non profit non-governmental organization registered in Italy.

The scope of the organization is to promote and sustain the study, research and education in all areas of health, with a particular focus on non communicable chronic diseases (NCDs). To fulfil its goals, HIRS acts as a catalyst for people and organizations who can provide substantial benefits to the coordination and success of international projects for public health improvement.

The HIRS aims to reduce the burden of NCDs through innovative solutions in the fields of primary and secondary prevention, health promotion and systems policies, including the implementation of national plans and use of information for healthy and active ageing.

Building upon the global networks established by President Prof.Massi Benedetti, chairperson of HIRS, the organization aims to carry forward the activity of the EU-funded EUBIROD Consortium. On this ground, the HIRS is catalyzing the confirmed interest of all EUBIROD partners, including the IDF, towards the realization of a pan-European platform for the safe exchange and the timely delivery of diabetes information to policy makers, health professionals and people with diabetes.

A short term goal of the organization is to secure the financial coverage for the implementation and continued use of the BIRO system across Europe. At the same time, the HIRS is also offering its consolidated management experience for the realization of multinational research and public health projects in the broad areas of care and prevention of diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.

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